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The Girl Child

I was at a barber shop yesterday and was waiting for my turn, the barber offered me sweets. When I asked him about the occassion, he very proudly said that a daughter was born to him. I was very happy to see the sight. Typically, the poor, lower middle class sections of the society are the ones where the girl child is not welcome. But this guy really made me see that perceptions are changing with more and more women doing well in studies, in jobs and are making people think about them differently.

One of his friends also came along to his shop and during their discussion, the barber said to him that her girl was not less in anyway than his friend’s son. This showed how proud was he of being a father of a daughter. These are the kind of changes we need today in society’s mindset to ensure gender equality in India.


The upwardly mobile poor

I use the Delhi Noida Direct (DND) Flyway everyday to go to work and come back home. A few weeks ago, their system mal-functioned and it was not able to deduct the requisite amount of money from the balance of the prepaid cards issued by them, though they were able to register the usage of the card. Since the balances were not reflecting correctly, the DND authorities let people pass even if their actual balances were in the negative (though the reflected balance was positive).

People were aware of this and also there were instructions on the card puching machine that the balances are incorrect. Once the system was corrected, the actual balances started reflecting (with huge amounts being accounted for and deducted on a single day) and a lot of people went down to negative balances.

Now when it came to renewing the cards, there was a big commotion. There was one old lady, who was speaking very fluent english, looked like someone who belongs to a upper middle class family abusing the DND staff over the negative balance questioning how will they ever allow people to go down to negative balances. A few more people joined in. Interesting to note was the fact that out of the 5 people whose cards showed negative balances, none of them renewed it for the fear of the negative balances being deducted from their fresh recharge.

There was a gentleman showing off all his 10-12 credit cards in a decorated wallet who also added fuel to fire… dont know why. If he can afford 5-10 lacs of credit limits on his cards, can he not pay the paltry Rs. 200-300 which the DND authorities are rightfully demanding.

When people were enjoying the free services, I dont think any of the ones who were making such a huge hue and cry about their system, would have gone to customer care and told them that they are being allowed to pass through the toll plaza for free… but when they have to pay for the same free goods later, it became an issue with them, they called the DND people cheats, alleging that they are being fleeced by them and so on and so forth…

The population I talked about above were car owners, well dressed, flashing expensive wallets, purses and credit cards, expensive sun glasses but unwilling to pay Rs. 200 odd which they rightfully owe to the DND authorities.

Dont know how they can sleep at night after doing such things.

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